Friday, 13 July 2007


So, as if by magic, the missing post has reappeared.......thank God it's Friday!
Do you ever feel that there are just too many yarn related decisions to make? I was pondering whether or not to rejoin Natalie's sock club. Not because I wasn't happy - far from it - but because I have enough yarn (how can that be, I hear you ask) and I'm trying very hard to knit from stash, and I want to get some blue faced to dye my own and now I can hear that I'm rambling almost incoherently! Then this arrived yesterday which has made the decision even harder. The colours in this months offering are absolutely gorgeous, inspired by the strawberry patch in Natalie's garden. Bear in mind that I still have April and June sock club yarn to knit. Of course, she also runs a merino club. Now that might be nice to try for a change...........

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Lost post and new pics

Last Saturday, Liz invited the Cambridge k2togs to her home to take part in a little acid dyeing, and on Sunday I posted these pics but blogger threw a hissy fit and decided not to publish! So I'll try again. These first two pics are the results of a great afternoon - as one of our number remarked "like all the best bits of primary school" - of sloshing seemingly random dyes over yarn pre-soaked in water/vinegar, wrapped in cling film and steamed for 20 minutes, et voila! The yarn is my favourite at the moment, laceweight, and my youngest daughter has laid claim to the first skein, and would like a shawl.

The colours in this skein aren't quite true - it's much brighter than it appears, leaf green through to turquoise and I'm keeping that one for myself, but I need to sit and look at it for a while longer before I decide what to turn it into.

Next, a WIP - spiral rib socks in Yarn Yard club yarn from a month or two back. The pattern is my first attempt with the sole solution software. No, I'm not a contortionist - there's another skein of yarn stuffed into the sock so I can show the half handkerchief heel and shaped sole.

And finally, the sock itself, this time on foot, but apologies because I forgot to rotate the pic before I downloaded it so feel free to twist around to veiw it right way up! I like the star toe - a new one for me but it seems to fit better. Maybe I just have pointy feet.
I have one new WIP which I started whilst waiting for my turn at the dye pots last Saturday, but I'll leave that for another day.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Dyeing fun!

On Saturday, Liz hosted an acid dyeing workshop at her home, and I had sooooo much fun! I felt like a kid in a candy shop! They were about 8 of us and we took turns to do our knitting, or play. So I did this.....
and this.........
The yarn is lace weight, 1000m skeins, Tamsin (youngest daughter) likes this skein, so I'll make her a shawl. If you go here there are more photos of other peoples offerings. So, once again thanks Liz, I had a great time and think I feel a new hobby calling!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Silent, but still knitting!

Yes, I am still here - things have been a little hectic, hence no photos at the moment but will attempt some soon. Finished the first sock to test the sole solution program; it turned out really well. I used a spiral rib pattern which is more effective that I anticipated with the hand painted yarn. Also did a half handkerchief heel, a shaped sole and a star toe, none of which I'd tried before, and the result is a snug fitting and extremely comfortable sock!
"Vivid" blocked well - just waiting for Mr.Diviknitty to take a proper photo on his fancy camera so I can show her off in all her bright pink glory!