Monday, 28 January 2008

It's here!

Exactly one month after Christmas, Santa paid me a visit:

It came in it's very own drawstring bag, and even has printed instructions as to what to put where!

I spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon trying to decide what to put in it. Thank goodness everyone was out, because several decades of collected knitting paraphenalia was spread across the living room floor. I soon realised it wouldn't all fit, so in an attempt to be sensible I decided on necessitites (scissors, tape measure, stitch markers etc) along with only what was needed for the current wip's. I suceeded in removing 4 smaller bags of stuff and replacing it with the very beautiful and practical Jordana Paige knitting tote.
So, no more dashing around at last minute trying to remember everything I need to take to a Cambridge k2tog - it's all there in one very convenient place.
Wish me a Merry Christmas - albeit belated!!!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

New project started

I delved deep into the stash basket last weekend and came out with this Jaeger Trinity that I've had for a couple of years, started several things that didn't quite look right so ended up frogged, and finally had a moment of enlightenment. I think a casual cardi is what I need, with a cable panel for a bit of interest, and that doesn't take 3 weeks to knit an inch! It's coming along nicely with the armhole shaping almost done; it's nice to be doing cables after so much lace!

And this is Bubbles. Apologies for the blurred picture, but a wide awake , 3 month old golden hamster just doesn't stay still and is very difficult to take a photo of! This was the best I could do - the rest were of her tail as she attempted to bury herself into the crook of Tamsin's arm! She joined the madhouse just before Christmas, and very pretty she is too. As long as I don't have to clean out the cage! Take note, Tamsin!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


So, over Christmas, I had a cold, as I think half the population of England did. It started on Christmas Eve and I didn't feel well again until the afternoon of New Years Day, and I was back at work on January 2nd! So much for a nice relaxing break! Still, much knitting was done - see the never ending lace jacket is finally off the needles! I didn't get the hood I'd hoped for, just 2 pattern repeats of madeira sunset which made a decent collar.

I'm so pleased to get this finished; it's taken 10 months - with many breaks from it to make other things - but a final push was better than lemsips and paracetamol!
I seem to be having trouble with all these photos - they won't stay where I put them, so sorry if things seem a bit muddled!
I also managed to finish this scarf in Schaeffer Ann. Looks very effective and the colours are beautifully rich. However, so much dye came out in the wash! And when I wore it for a couple of hours, the sweater I had on and my neck, turned a delicate shade of purple!
I scored these 4 skeins of Posh Yarn Amelia DK in Dee's half price sale. The first yarn I've bought for 6 months, and as always from Dee, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Lastly, this is a consolation Christmas present. Mr.Diviknitty ordered a Jordana Paige project bag, at the end of November, but it didn't arrive on time. Indeed, we're still waiting for it! By way of an apology, the online store we were dealing with (I won't name them because I don't want to give them a bad name, and they have been very apologetic and helpful) sent me an Opal sock kit. So while most people have opened all their gifts, I still have one to look forward to!