Sunday, 23 December 2007

And then there were two

Sleeves, that is. It's taken a while, but there's definate progress here! The first sleeve took me weeks to complete, then I had a break from this project and made the Papillon sweater, and over the past couple of weeks I made a determined effort to get the never ending lace jacket finished. As you can see, I'm not far off; in fact, I fully intend to be able to label this a finished object in the not too distant future. All that remains to be done is to pick up stitches for the hood/collar - not a huge amount of yarn left, but as it's laceweight, a little goes a long way. I'm just going to keep knitting in the madeira lace border pattern until it's all used. I'll either get a hood (doubtful) or a fairly deep lace collar (more likely) and whichever it is, I'll be very happy to be able to wear it at last! Other projects - the baby sweater for charity was finished on time, but I passed it on to the organiser then realised I'd forgotten to photograph it. Still working on my scarf in Schaeffer Anne; another project that I really want to finish over Christmas. Hopefully I'll have a whole batch of FO's to show off before the end of the year.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas shopping all done!

What more can I say! We got to Peterborough just after 9am and it didn't get too busy till about lunchtime, by which time we'd finished and were resting on our laurels in Harriets tearooms. Now I can sit back and watch the crazy madness!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

I have been knitting!

Albeit slowly! Everything seems to be taking such a long time though! One thing I have completed is the mini sock and blocker, courtesy of and many thanks to Rosie. The cute little keyring, now complete with mini sock and shown in situ on my handbag, was my second place prize in Rosie's caption competition.
There's nothing new otn, and I'm getting a bit bored now with my current wips. My lace jacket has one sleeve finished and blocked, and I'm going to try to sew it in this weekend - I'll take a photo to post when that's done. My ripple stitch scarf is coming along, and I've got one sleeve left to do on a charity baby sweater that I've been making. Again, I'll take a photo when it's complete, which I'm hoping won't be too long.
With Christmas looming on the horizon, Mr.Diviknitty and I have got our annual Christmas shopping trip to Peterborough on Monday. We both hate the crowds at this time of year, so we deliberately choose the first Monday in December, which is always much quieter, and in general, we get it all done in one hit. Along the way, we treat ourselves to lunch and have a thoroughly nice day, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Photos at last!

After weeks of manic activity, I finally managed to collar Mr.Diviknitty yesterday afternoon, while the weather was holding out, for a bit of a photo session of finished objects. Here is the butterfly sweater that I completed a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, I didn't quite have enough for the polo neck that I really wanted, but this is just fine - I didn't even have yarn for sewing up and had to use embroidery floss instead! It's one thing about Debbie Bliss yarns - they're beautiful to knit with but not very economical. There never seems to much in a ball (this wool cotton was 85m to 50g) and her designs always need about a million balls! But I managed to finish with 11 balls, and will try to gauge amounts properly next time. I always start projects with a "if I have enough yarn, I'll do this..." so perhaps I'm setting myself up for trouble! So the nitty gritty of the object - knit on 4mm needles, moss stitch rib in the usual places, waist shaping on either side of the central butterfly pattern, 3/4 length sleeves with set in shoulders and a regular round neck! After each butterfly was made, I placed 2 short rows which counteracted the problem of the central panel pulling up and distorting the work. Lovely yarn to knit with and very comfortable to wear.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

OK, I admit it!

My name's Jayne and I'm a ripple-aholic! As Rosie so rightly noted in the comments, one of my wip's does seem to consist of not 1, but 2 ripple stitches! It just seems to creep up on you unawares, doesn't it? Off to do some knitting now - I've spent the last 2 hours cleaning the oven (yes, it was a mess! Too much rippling methinks!).

Saturday, 27 October 2007

The case for dishwashers!

I'm one of those poor unfortunates who doesn't possess a dishwasher. I get along quite happily without one, as long as someone else dries and puts away. In fact, apart from dealing with the mountain of crockery and cutlery that is a part of a family Sunday lunch, I don't ever feel the need to acquire one! Oh, there is one other scenario. I fill the bowl with hot water, add a little fairy liquid for a nice soapy mix, reach for the marigolds to protect the knitting hands, and promptly drop them into said bowl of hot soapy water. I can think of one word to describe this - yuk! - because no matter how hard you try, the inside of that marigold just will not dry!
But I am rippling, as you can see from the photo. Not quite ripplemania yet, as Rosie has become a victim of, but it could happen. The pattern is from Jan Eatons 200 ripple stitches, a fabulous book, and the yarn is Shaeffer "Anne". I love this colourway, it looks like autumn berries, and this will grow up to be a warm scarf ready for winter.
I finished the butterfly sweater in time for my weekend in York - in fact, I wore it for almost the entire time we were there, so it's awaiting a wash, and I promise photos soon.
Lastly, I received my Ravelry invite about a week ago, and have just started putting stuff on there. My user name is "justjayne", please come along and say hi.

Friday, 12 October 2007

I really love..

....that Friday afternoon feeling with the whole weekend ahead. I finish work at lunch time on a Friday and even if I spend the afternoon catching up on housework, there's the satisfaction of knowing that the next two whole days are yours to do with what you please (generally!)
I also love this sweater front that Mr.Diviknitty very kindly photographed for me whilst it was blocking. He's supposed to be a good photographer, but he somehow managed to take this from a very odd angle so it looks a little mis-shapen. I wanted to try and finish the whole thing by next weekend for a planned trip to York, but this week's been crazy busy so I can't see it happening unless I get to knit all day tomorrow and Sunday, and I can't see that happening either! The back will be plain stocking stitch and the sleeves will have a single central panel of butterflies and be 3/4 length, with hopefully enough yarn for a polo neck.
I'm also pretty pleased that there are now officially more people behind me (10,000) than ahead of me (4000) in the Ravelry queue with something like 60% of the list invited. They seem to be getting through the list at the rate of a couple of hundred a day, so I could be there by the end of the month.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Ripping back

I was getting a little concerned about the alternating butterflies sweater front - it seemed that the lifted stitches were distorting the shape of the entire piece but I kept going in the hope that it was my over active imagination. However, facts had to be faced and eventually I had to rip it back. By now, I'm back to where I was and with the addition of a few strategically placed short rows, the problem is no more. Satisfaction! Sometimes you just have to take a few steps back in order to make progress! I also re-knit the rib on one size larger needles; and it hasn't taken that long, really.
Sorry about the lack of pictures - my camera's been commandeered for a few days holiday in Belfast by daughter n°1. I promise a photo of the finished front while it's blocking, which I'm hoping won't be too long.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

That stitch pattern...

... posted yesterday, is called Alternating Butterflies and is from "400 stitch patterns" published by Murdoch books. Basically, Rosie, on 3 consecutive wrong side (purl) rows, you slip 5sts purlwise with the yarn at the back so that you get a strand of yarn across the right side of the work. On the next RS row, you put the right hand needle under the 3 slipped strands, then pick up the next stitch on the left hand needle and knit this st and the slipped strands together. I'll bring the book along to the next K2tog (can't make Octobers, unfortunately, but should be able to go to Novembers). I found it in Ely library and liked it so much I ordered from the little book shop on Ely High street; it has some really unusual stitch patterns in it.

Monday, 1 October 2007

I succumbed..

...and cast on for a new project. I'm afraid I needed a bit of instant knitting gratification in the form of actually being able to see a bit of progress after a whole evenings work. The yarn has been languishing in my stash basket for an indecent length of time; one of those that you don't quite know what to do with but keep going back to anyway. A germ of an idea was born a couple of weeks ago and had to be started before being forgotten. I've got 11 balls of Debbie Bliss DK cotton, the colour's a sage green which is poorly represented by my abbysmal photography, and should soon turn into a 3/4 length sleeved polo neck sweater. So far I'm loving knitting with it - being a beautiful smooth cotton, it's showing stitch texture really well - and it's growing quickly, so knitting boredom has hopefully been averted! I am still knitting my laceweight jacket - I'm about halfway up the first sleeve, but it is taking a tedious time to grow!
By the way Rosie, I was midnight too! Oh, and there's about 10,000 ahead of me now in the Ravelry queue, so you were right when you said how quickly they're sending out the invites now.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


..........people ahead of me in the Ravelry queue, so a little time to wait yet!
In the meantime, I'll busy myself finishing this, which has been otn for so long now I can't remember when I started it. I do know that if I put it down in favour of something smaller, or something that grows more quickly, I probably won't pick it up again this side of Christmas (by which time I might have received my invite for ravelry). That's not to say I'm hating knitting it, because the yarn (Cherry Tree Hill merino laceweight) is gorgeous, there's so much of it and goes a loooong way. I've knit the body on circulars in one piece and used just about half of the 8oz skein; planning long, fairly loose sleeves and hopefully a hood.
Still haven't done any dyeing, but I do have everything I need to start, so depending on how long it takes me to complete the never ending jacket ......perhaps I'd better get back to knitting and off the computer.
Just one more thing not knitting related - for many years I've wanted to learn to speak Italian. Mr Diviknitty and I went to Rome last year and I managed to get by on a few phrases learned from one of those 6 lesson cd/book courses (came free in a Sunday newspaper). Ely college offered a course this year but then couldn't find a teacher, but the community education lady put me in touch with Cottenham VC who do have a course running, and I've only missed one lesson if I go next week. Roll on Monday........wonder how many people will be ahead of me on Ravelry by then?

Monday, 27 August 2007

Just a quick thank you for your comment, Rosie - glad you like the vest. It's turned out better than I hoped - I was seriously worried about having enough yarn to finish it.
As for the knitting room, it's coming along, but you really haven't seen the green! I've been tackling the clear up operation a little at a time and I didn't think it was possible for one bedroom to conceal so much rubbish! She claims it was a scientific experiment.
Currently working on a shawl for Tamsin in the laceweight I dyed at Liz's, and a hip length jacket in Cherry Tree Hill merino laceweight. I want to finish both of these before I start anything else. They're both large projects and tend to get put aside if I start something else. The jacket's been otn for several months now and I'm still not up to the armhole shaping! I think I'll head for the garden and indulge in my favourite past-time - an afternoon knitting out of doors.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

One Finished Object!

Sorry about the silence of late - lots going on that isn't knitting related. We've been helping our eldest daughter to move into a shared house with 2 friends in Cambridge. This happened 3 weeks ago now, and she's settled in well and seems really happy. We now have a spare bedroom - weird! Much as I love her dearly, I have to say that she was never the tidiest of people and for the past *#!^ years I've pretty much turned my back on her room as it really was a waste of time entering it with cleaning materials. Now we know what lay behind that closed door, and it's not a pretty sight! However, it soon will be, because I can vacuum and tidy up, and know that it will stay that way for more than 5 minutes. So we're winning, and eventually we'll redecorate and remove the lime green curtains and paint over the dark green walls with something a little more calming. Actually, it'd make a very nice knitting room!
Pictured is the sleeveless vest - I finished it with the tiniest amout of yarn leftover. It was a very close thing and I had to forget a deep ribbed neckline and settle for a couple of rows of garter stitch to neaten all the raw edges. So, the specs are this:
Schaefer Anne bought from Hipknits moving sale for a bargain; it's sock yarn, but I wanted to do something different with this cos I love the colours and didn't want to hide the yarn under a pair of trousers. It's 60% merino, 25% mohair and 15% nylon, knit on 2.75mm, gauge 28sts/10cm. The stitch pattern is called large openwork and involves yo to create an extra stitch which you lose later by passing it over the original stitches.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Something to show!

At last, an evening of knitting! I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. I finished the back and this is it roughly pinned out. I love the colours - they're so rich and warm looking. It took just 50g to complete - exactly half the skein! It'll be a close thing but I don't think the front will take so much. I wanted to knit quite a deep rib on the neckline, but will probably have to re-think when I get there.

And this is a close up of the stitch pattern.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Not much knitting.....

.....but certain members of the diviknitty household have been indulging in a little sunbathing with the onset of a (long awaited) burst of summer weather! Everyone say aaah......!

So, there really hasn't been a lot of knitting go on, due to a period of manic activity both at work and home, but I did crochet a square with the laceweight I dyed at Liz's workshop. Youngest daughter has asked for a shawl - she loved the colours - and I want to work it from the centre out but it was so fiddly and in the end I couldn't be bothered. A central crocheted square seemed like a good compromise. Stitches will be picked up on 4dpns and worked in rounds, increasing at the corners with yarn overs.
This has had a few false starts and has been ripped out and started over more than once. I've got just the one skein of Schaeffer Anne in this colourway, and with 560 yards, I'm hoping to be able to complete a short sleeveless vest. Initially, I picked stitch patterns that used too much yarn, but I eventually found this one and so far, so good. I'm about halfway up the armhole shaping and seem to have plenty of yarn left. If I do a deep v-neck on the front, I should be able to stretch it out.....

Friday, 13 July 2007


So, as if by magic, the missing post has reappeared.......thank God it's Friday!
Do you ever feel that there are just too many yarn related decisions to make? I was pondering whether or not to rejoin Natalie's sock club. Not because I wasn't happy - far from it - but because I have enough yarn (how can that be, I hear you ask) and I'm trying very hard to knit from stash, and I want to get some blue faced to dye my own and now I can hear that I'm rambling almost incoherently! Then this arrived yesterday which has made the decision even harder. The colours in this months offering are absolutely gorgeous, inspired by the strawberry patch in Natalie's garden. Bear in mind that I still have April and June sock club yarn to knit. Of course, she also runs a merino club. Now that might be nice to try for a change...........

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Lost post and new pics

Last Saturday, Liz invited the Cambridge k2togs to her home to take part in a little acid dyeing, and on Sunday I posted these pics but blogger threw a hissy fit and decided not to publish! So I'll try again. These first two pics are the results of a great afternoon - as one of our number remarked "like all the best bits of primary school" - of sloshing seemingly random dyes over yarn pre-soaked in water/vinegar, wrapped in cling film and steamed for 20 minutes, et voila! The yarn is my favourite at the moment, laceweight, and my youngest daughter has laid claim to the first skein, and would like a shawl.

The colours in this skein aren't quite true - it's much brighter than it appears, leaf green through to turquoise and I'm keeping that one for myself, but I need to sit and look at it for a while longer before I decide what to turn it into.

Next, a WIP - spiral rib socks in Yarn Yard club yarn from a month or two back. The pattern is my first attempt with the sole solution software. No, I'm not a contortionist - there's another skein of yarn stuffed into the sock so I can show the half handkerchief heel and shaped sole.

And finally, the sock itself, this time on foot, but apologies because I forgot to rotate the pic before I downloaded it so feel free to twist around to veiw it right way up! I like the star toe - a new one for me but it seems to fit better. Maybe I just have pointy feet.
I have one new WIP which I started whilst waiting for my turn at the dye pots last Saturday, but I'll leave that for another day.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Dyeing fun!

On Saturday, Liz hosted an acid dyeing workshop at her home, and I had sooooo much fun! I felt like a kid in a candy shop! They were about 8 of us and we took turns to do our knitting, or play. So I did this.....
and this.........
The yarn is lace weight, 1000m skeins, Tamsin (youngest daughter) likes this skein, so I'll make her a shawl. If you go here there are more photos of other peoples offerings. So, once again thanks Liz, I had a great time and think I feel a new hobby calling!

Monday, 2 July 2007

Silent, but still knitting!

Yes, I am still here - things have been a little hectic, hence no photos at the moment but will attempt some soon. Finished the first sock to test the sole solution program; it turned out really well. I used a spiral rib pattern which is more effective that I anticipated with the hand painted yarn. Also did a half handkerchief heel, a shaped sole and a star toe, none of which I'd tried before, and the result is a snug fitting and extremely comfortable sock!
"Vivid" blocked well - just waiting for Mr.Diviknitty to take a proper photo on his fancy camera so I can show her off in all her bright pink glory!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Vivid blocking

A couple of quick pics to show Vivid is blocking, but in 2 halves because I don't have enough room to lay her out flat all at once - yes, she's very long but very pretty so she can be forgiven!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Worldwide Knit in Public day

Here we all are in the abbey gardens in Bury St.Edmunds on Saturday, worldwide knit in public day, and as you can see, it was a glorious day! The group generated a lot of interest from passersby, including a brave Swedish man who actually sat and learned to knit with one of the ladies! The local press were also in attendance!

Cast on for a new pair of socks to try out the sole solution software using Aprils Yarn Yard sock club offering and a spiral rib pattern. I don't expect to progress too quickly on these - socks aren't exactly summer knitting - as I'm still plodding on with the pink stole. It's appoaching 72" long now and probably long enough, but I like to be able to wrap this type of thing around a couple of times, so I'm going to keep on knitting till all the yarn is used.

Monday, 4 June 2007

New Stuff

On Bank Holiday Monday, Kerrie
had a half price moving sale. Always on the look out for a yarn bargain, I picked up these - 200g of silk, approx 2000m! Had to have it - it was £1! Couldn't believe my luck - I usually miss out on things like that! I have no idea what I'll make with it, but at that price, who cares?
Next, 3 skeins of Schaeffer Anne, different colourways, and I think I might make some waistcoats or vests for the winter. The colours are really bright and cheerful; can't wait to start playing with it!

As far as actual knitting goes, I've been working away at the Vivid stole I pictured last time. It's about 5 foot long now and I still have loads of yarn left, so I'll carry on for a bit longer. I manage about 2 pattern repeats in a good knitting evening, and I've managed to memorise the pattern now, so I get along a little bit quicker than I was doing.
I found these two books in the 2nd hand book shop at Wimpole Hall this weekend. Both published in the early '70s so not exactly vintage; I tried my hand at macrame as a kid and thought it would be an interesting alternative as an edging for just about anything really. And this is just one of the fabulous designs from the lace knitting book - again, a couple of bargains!
Lastly, I treated myself to a software program for designing socks. Called "The Sole Solution" I haven't had chance to test it yet but basically, you knit a swatch in your chosen yarn and stitch pattern, enter in a few details (construction method, type of heel/toe etc) and the program does the rest! Cost $29.95 (about £16 in real money) which I think is really good if, like me, you're into designing your own stuff but hate the maths!
Looking at this post, it seems like I've spent a fortune, but I really haven't. The whole lot pictured here was less than £35 and will keep me happy for months, because I really HAVE TO start using up the ever growing stash!
To anyone out there who's going to the Bury St Edmunds knit picnic on Saturday (Worldwide knit in public day) I can't wait! Look forward to seeing you in the abbey gardens at high noon!

Monday, 21 May 2007

Not-so-old stash

Continuing with the stash tour, a couple of things that are relatively new - purchased a couple of months back from Gill.

This is another huge 2400yard skein of Cherry Tree Hill merino laceweight, colourway Java. This definately won't remain in this state for much longer - it's beautiful yarn and I have plans for it. Moving swiftly on to a couple of balls of Sockotta sock yarn - no prizes for guessing what these are destined to be! It's beautifully soft with a 45% cotton content, so shouldn't have too much itch factor!

Onto a project update. Remember this from a previous post - well, look how she's grown! I took her outside to see if natural light improved my photography - the colour is certainly truer, but that's about all! Still, she has a name and from here-on in will be known as Vivid, because I think it reflects the bright pink really well. I absolutely love the way this is turning out. The lace patterns are working together well; it's so light and airy and I can't wait to get this finished. I don't know how long she'll ultimately be; she's about 25" at the moment with more than half of the yarn left, so probably 60" total.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Old Stash

Thought I'd do a tour of stuff that's been lurking at the bottom of my stash for eons! So, clockwise from top right, Inca Natural from Jarol, Sirdar pure cotton Indigo Denim DK, Rowan 4ply cotton (sevseral balls in various colours) and Debbie Bliss DK cotton. All of these I picked up on a whim, lurking in sales and feeling lost and homeless. They're no longer homeless, but really should be made into something as they've been sitting around for far too long!

Next photo, some super chunky Emu in a glorious shade of purple that I traded at a stash swap at a Cambridge k2tog, a few balls of Rowan linen drape in a variety of shades (you can tell how long that's been in the stash basket!), some Bergere de France I bought on holiday in Brittany a couple of years ago - the multi coloured is a narrow tape that would make a nice summer top if I ever get around to it, and the other is a 4ply cotton in a coral colour - and some Sirdar DK chenille and cotton boutonne, also from the k2tog stash swap. I'm hoping the chenille will turn into a waistcoat and the boutonne would look great as a summer scarf.

And finally, from the top clockwise a couple of balls of Rowan chunky and aran, the latter was bought for a commission to make a slouch hat for Make it month last year, but the customer changed their mind about the colour. The hat eventually made it onto the website, and was also featured on the fashion pages of Marie Claire (my claim to knitting fame!) but in a shade of russet. At the bottom of the picture, some turquoise Jaeger Trinity, and last but not least some random multi coloured stuff I got from the NEC a couple of years ago. The blue is beautiful to look at - it's a mix of boucle with a very narrow nylon ribbon - but it's an absolute nightmare to knit! The yarn bunches up around the ribbon and you end up in a real mess of knots. I'll tackle it one day but it's not exactly high on my list of priorities!

And the book? Well, that's my personal knitter's bible - a part-works that was published around 25 years ago called "Get Knitting". The patterns are very dated now but the techniques never change too much. I refer to it time and time again and I'm so glad I never gave it away during my non-knitting years!

Friday, 11 May 2007

What's OTN?

Lace, that's what! I love knitting lace - always have done - although my skills at photography are somewhat less advanced than my knitting skills! These are the best images I could muster, but you get the idea. So I apologise for the slight "out of focus", but hopefully I'll improve!

I know many knitters are less enamoured of lace knitting than I am, but it's the delicateness (I doubt that's a word, somehow) of the texture that does it for me! One day, this piece will turn into a hip length cardigan with a hood ( if I have enough yarn). It's Cherry Tree Hill merino lace, a 100g skein with a massive 2400m, colourway Tropical Storm. It's a dream to knit with, but this project has a lot of growing to do yet - I'm working in one piece on circulars, and being laceweight on 2.25mm and 366sts (yes, 366sts) well, watch this space! It's also very much a "just keep knitting and see where it takes me" kind of thing. I have a vague idea of the the end result, but I'm taking one step at a time - next stop, armhole shaping.

And now some more lace! Still very delicate, 2ply laceweight from here on slightly bigger needles - 3mm - this time, and nowhere near as many stitches as this is destined to be a scarf when it grows up.
So, it's Friday afternoon, the houseworks all done and I sense a weekend full of knitting in the offing - bring it on!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Stash Enhancer

Yesterday we went to the Sandringham craft fair and I found this gorgeous mohair. It almost passed me by - on the stall were various odds and ends that I managed to resist; I even got as far as the wood carver on the next stall, where my other half made the fatal mistake of chatting to this wonderful man about his hat!

Unfortunately, I hadn't moved far enough away and the yarn stall beckoned. I couldn't resist one last peek, and then I saw it - a rail full of skeins that I'd somehow walked right past! You know how it is; I could hear this beautiful yarn calling me back - how could I resist? I was hooked, and came away with what you see above. Not sure what to knit yet; there's 25g of each shade and they tone really well, although the photo doesn't do it justice. I think it'll probably end up as a scarf or stole. Unfortunately, there isn't a web address on the leaflet I got from the spinner, but she's called Victoria Smedley and the company is called MoBair.
For now, I'm content just to look at it and stroke it!

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Meet Amber

When there's nothing knitterly to post about, pick something cute, so meet Amber, our labrador cross. She's ever so slightly crazy, but when you reach the grand old age of 12, I think she's earned the right! She's been part of the family since puppyhood; she was born in a rescue home where we found her.
And this is Amber's stick stash! Almost every day, she brings a new one home from her walk - this is where the "ever so slightly crazy" part comes in! So come the next ice-age, we definately won't freeze! Well, I have lots of yarn and Amber has lots of sticks, so I think, fellow knitters, we can all sympathise with that!

Monday, 30 April 2007

A couple of FO's

Something bizarre happened to yesterdays post - when I went to veiw it, half of it was missing! It was all there in the preveiw but it seems I've been hit by the gremlins, so I'll try again today and see what happens.

A couple of FO's from earlier this year - above is a sweater I called Rainbow for obvious reasons. The yarn is from Lang Yarns and is called Mille Colori; the photo doesn't do it justice but there really are a thousand jewel bright colours. I bought it from Ally Pally last October - it's very warm and soft to wear; although it did lose a bit of colour in the wash.

This one is a hip length tunic I called Cloud. It's in Sirdar Blur, which is 70% acrylic/30% kid mohair.I'm one of those poor unfortunates with a wool allergy - I'd go crazy if it wasn't for that acrylic content which makes it beautifully soft next to the skin. It's also very economical - this took slightly less than 3 50g balls, knit on 5.5mm with a tension of 16sts/22rows to 10cms.......

.....and here's a close up of the lace pattern.
OK, fingers crossed that this publishes in its entirety!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

First Post

Welcome to "Diviknitty", so called because knitting is my little bit of heaven in an otherwise mad,mad world! I thought I'd start with a photo of my main WIP. The yarn is from here and is 4ply 100% cotton; the nice thing about this is that not only can you buy it in large 250g cones but also in 40m spools, which you can see at the bottom right, so you don't have to get huge amounts of every shade! It's for my youngest daughter who's into horizontal stripes, and the pattern is my own design. She wanted a deep welt which is in moss stitch, and she wants to be able to turn it up double so there's a row of buttonholes along the lower edge - all will become clear when it's finished. The rest is stocking stitch, except for the 2x2 rib for the boat neck, and it's knit on circulars from the bottom up. I'll do anything to avoid sewing up seams - my one pet hate about knitting! - so I've also picked up sleeve stitches from the armhole on dpns and am knitting them in the round too; a bit fiddley but it seems to be working out ok.
I do have a couple of other things otn but they're only just started and need some more work before they look like anything.
I'm going to leave it there for this first time because although I've been knitting for a loooong time, blogging is something less of a skill and I've had a few technical hitches today, so I'm posting this before I lose it again!