Monday, 28 January 2008

It's here!

Exactly one month after Christmas, Santa paid me a visit:

It came in it's very own drawstring bag, and even has printed instructions as to what to put where!

I spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon trying to decide what to put in it. Thank goodness everyone was out, because several decades of collected knitting paraphenalia was spread across the living room floor. I soon realised it wouldn't all fit, so in an attempt to be sensible I decided on necessitites (scissors, tape measure, stitch markers etc) along with only what was needed for the current wip's. I suceeded in removing 4 smaller bags of stuff and replacing it with the very beautiful and practical Jordana Paige knitting tote.
So, no more dashing around at last minute trying to remember everything I need to take to a Cambridge k2tog - it's all there in one very convenient place.
Wish me a Merry Christmas - albeit belated!!!


Rosie said...

Wow! Can't wait to see this in action at a KTog.

picperfic said...

oooh how lovely...Merry Christmas!