Thursday, 26 June 2008

As I only have one wip at the moment, I thought I'd use a couple of posts to show projects that I'd like to make.
I love this cobweb lace stole from Interweave spring 2008. The stitch patterns are interesting and unusual, and I've got plenty of laceweight stashed to choose from. I think I might use some Hipknits cashmere that I bought at Ally Pally two years ago, in a pale turquoise shade. The pattern calls for 1610m and I've only got 1500m, so I'll have to make it either shorter or narrower


Anne said...

I say go for shorter - I toyed with the idea of making this with not enough yarn - I would have needed shorter and narrower. Then I looked at the pattern - there is a point where a 17 stitch repeat becomes a 12 stitch repeat... maybe the maths does work out easily, but I wasn't feeling strong enough to try.

jayne said...

Thanks, Anne, I'll bear that in mind! I haven't looked too closely at the chart yet, but I'd hate to get up to a new stitch pattern and find it didn't work out!