Sunday, 28 September 2008

I'm Sorrrrrrry!

I've been a very lax blogger just lately, haven't I? In fact, I've been a very lax knitter too! There hasn't been much of either going on, I'm afraid. A few weeks ago, I found I was feeling really tired and Mr.Diviknitty commented that I always seemed to be doing something and ought to spend a couple of evenings quietly doing nothing. Now, I find doing nothing very difficult, but he banned me from knitting for a week, and you know what, it did me the world of good! So I had to admit he was right (something else I find difficult!) but as a result I've rediscovered other past-times - like reading a good novel. It's ages since I've sat and read! I've also started going to the gym again, something I gave up about 6 years ago when I increased my hours at work. I feel much better for it and I've lost 2lbs into the bargain.
We were on holiday in northern Italy last week, a beautiful little town called Cannobio on Lake Maggiore, where you can't help but slow down and relax. Stunning scenery, warm sunny weather, delicious food and again, no knitting, but a good book to read every evening on our hotel balcony with a glass or two of wine.
So we've been home for a week and have been moving our youngest daughter into her room at Uni - she starts nursing on Monday at Addenbrookes hospital and is very excited - and we have the house to ourselves! She'll be back for her Sunday lunch within half an hour though!
I have done a bit of knitting this week though - I've almost finished the second sleeve of the Brocade Leaves sweater I started for the Ravelympics. When I completed the first sleeve, I wasn't sure if I'd made it long enough, so I sewed it up and tried it on for size before finishing the whole thing. It turned out to be fine, but I do have long arms and many's the time I've finished a sweater only to find the full length sleeves in the pattern are about 2" too short! I want to finish this before I go back to what I was knitting before - a polo neck in Lang yarns "Zoom" and a lace weight stole from Interweave, which I might give up with as I hit a snag and don't know if I can be bothered to sort it out - bad lax knitter that I am!

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Rosie said...

glad you had a good holiday and that you've been having a good rest, too.