Sunday, 29 April 2007

First Post

Welcome to "Diviknitty", so called because knitting is my little bit of heaven in an otherwise mad,mad world! I thought I'd start with a photo of my main WIP. The yarn is from here and is 4ply 100% cotton; the nice thing about this is that not only can you buy it in large 250g cones but also in 40m spools, which you can see at the bottom right, so you don't have to get huge amounts of every shade! It's for my youngest daughter who's into horizontal stripes, and the pattern is my own design. She wanted a deep welt which is in moss stitch, and she wants to be able to turn it up double so there's a row of buttonholes along the lower edge - all will become clear when it's finished. The rest is stocking stitch, except for the 2x2 rib for the boat neck, and it's knit on circulars from the bottom up. I'll do anything to avoid sewing up seams - my one pet hate about knitting! - so I've also picked up sleeve stitches from the armhole on dpns and am knitting them in the round too; a bit fiddley but it seems to be working out ok.
I do have a couple of other things otn but they're only just started and need some more work before they look like anything.
I'm going to leave it there for this first time because although I've been knitting for a loooong time, blogging is something less of a skill and I've had a few technical hitches today, so I'm posting this before I lose it again!

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