Monday, 4 June 2007

New Stuff

On Bank Holiday Monday, Kerrie
had a half price moving sale. Always on the look out for a yarn bargain, I picked up these - 200g of silk, approx 2000m! Had to have it - it was £1! Couldn't believe my luck - I usually miss out on things like that! I have no idea what I'll make with it, but at that price, who cares?
Next, 3 skeins of Schaeffer Anne, different colourways, and I think I might make some waistcoats or vests for the winter. The colours are really bright and cheerful; can't wait to start playing with it!

As far as actual knitting goes, I've been working away at the Vivid stole I pictured last time. It's about 5 foot long now and I still have loads of yarn left, so I'll carry on for a bit longer. I manage about 2 pattern repeats in a good knitting evening, and I've managed to memorise the pattern now, so I get along a little bit quicker than I was doing.
I found these two books in the 2nd hand book shop at Wimpole Hall this weekend. Both published in the early '70s so not exactly vintage; I tried my hand at macrame as a kid and thought it would be an interesting alternative as an edging for just about anything really. And this is just one of the fabulous designs from the lace knitting book - again, a couple of bargains!
Lastly, I treated myself to a software program for designing socks. Called "The Sole Solution" I haven't had chance to test it yet but basically, you knit a swatch in your chosen yarn and stitch pattern, enter in a few details (construction method, type of heel/toe etc) and the program does the rest! Cost $29.95 (about £16 in real money) which I think is really good if, like me, you're into designing your own stuff but hate the maths!
Looking at this post, it seems like I've spent a fortune, but I really haven't. The whole lot pictured here was less than £35 and will keep me happy for months, because I really HAVE TO start using up the ever growing stash!
To anyone out there who's going to the Bury St Edmunds knit picnic on Saturday (Worldwide knit in public day) I can't wait! Look forward to seeing you in the abbey gardens at high noon!


Rosie said...

What brilliant bargains! Looking forward to seeing you in Bury on Saturday!

Rosie said...

Was in Ely today and found that City Cycles are selling some gorgeous hemp yarn suitable for macrame...