Monday, 21 May 2007

Not-so-old stash

Continuing with the stash tour, a couple of things that are relatively new - purchased a couple of months back from Gill.

This is another huge 2400yard skein of Cherry Tree Hill merino laceweight, colourway Java. This definately won't remain in this state for much longer - it's beautiful yarn and I have plans for it. Moving swiftly on to a couple of balls of Sockotta sock yarn - no prizes for guessing what these are destined to be! It's beautifully soft with a 45% cotton content, so shouldn't have too much itch factor!

Onto a project update. Remember this from a previous post - well, look how she's grown! I took her outside to see if natural light improved my photography - the colour is certainly truer, but that's about all! Still, she has a name and from here-on in will be known as Vivid, because I think it reflects the bright pink really well. I absolutely love the way this is turning out. The lace patterns are working together well; it's so light and airy and I can't wait to get this finished. I don't know how long she'll ultimately be; she's about 25" at the moment with more than half of the yarn left, so probably 60" total.

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