Monday, 27 August 2007

Just a quick thank you for your comment, Rosie - glad you like the vest. It's turned out better than I hoped - I was seriously worried about having enough yarn to finish it.
As for the knitting room, it's coming along, but you really haven't seen the green! I've been tackling the clear up operation a little at a time and I didn't think it was possible for one bedroom to conceal so much rubbish! She claims it was a scientific experiment.
Currently working on a shawl for Tamsin in the laceweight I dyed at Liz's, and a hip length jacket in Cherry Tree Hill merino laceweight. I want to finish both of these before I start anything else. They're both large projects and tend to get put aside if I start something else. The jacket's been otn for several months now and I'm still not up to the armhole shaping! I think I'll head for the garden and indulge in my favourite past-time - an afternoon knitting out of doors.

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Rosie said...

Ah, but you're talking to the once-upon-a-time teenager who had bright orange walls and green curtains.. (These days I have magnolia walls and duck egg curtains but the sofa is teraacota and the bedspread is orange, green, purple, turquoise, red...)