Wednesday, 19 September 2007


..........people ahead of me in the Ravelry queue, so a little time to wait yet!
In the meantime, I'll busy myself finishing this, which has been otn for so long now I can't remember when I started it. I do know that if I put it down in favour of something smaller, or something that grows more quickly, I probably won't pick it up again this side of Christmas (by which time I might have received my invite for ravelry). That's not to say I'm hating knitting it, because the yarn (Cherry Tree Hill merino laceweight) is gorgeous, there's so much of it and goes a loooong way. I've knit the body on circulars in one piece and used just about half of the 8oz skein; planning long, fairly loose sleeves and hopefully a hood.
Still haven't done any dyeing, but I do have everything I need to start, so depending on how long it takes me to complete the never ending jacket ......perhaps I'd better get back to knitting and off the computer.
Just one more thing not knitting related - for many years I've wanted to learn to speak Italian. Mr Diviknitty and I went to Rome last year and I managed to get by on a few phrases learned from one of those 6 lesson cd/book courses (came free in a Sunday newspaper). Ely college offered a course this year but then couldn't find a teacher, but the community education lady put me in touch with Cottenham VC who do have a course running, and I've only missed one lesson if I go next week. Roll on Monday........wonder how many people will be ahead of me on Ravelry by then?

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Rosie said...

Ravelry's processing invites very, very quickly now, so don't give up hope. Have fun with the Italian class.