Tuesday, 31 March 2009

It's been a while since my last venture into blog world. I really do apologise to those of you who read my ramblings, but I've had a particularly stressful time over the past month. I think things should now be getting back onto an even keel so I intend to pick up where I left off.
I've still found a little time for knitting; I think it's kept me sane actually! Strange how the rhythmic working of the stitches can ease a troubled mind! This is my only recent FO and very proud of it I am too. I sourced the stitch pattern from one of my dictionaries and converted it for working in the round, then after swatching I used my Sole Solution software to create the instructions. I've had this program for a while now but hadn't used it in over a year so I was really pleased with the result. The yarn is Brooklyn Handspun which I bought at Ally Pally last autumn and it's so soft; the socks are really comfy and warm. The colours are subtle without any pooling or striping and it was a joy to knit with. Worked top down, I cast on with 3mm dpns because I like a slightly longer sock, so needed it to fit about halfway up my calf instead of round my ankle then changed to 2.5mm after just a few rounds. The heel stitch is partridge eye, handkerchief heel style, with my favourite Elizabeth Zimmerman shaped sole (you can't see it in this photo but there are more on my Ravelry page). Toe style is star - regular decreases around the work which gives a more pointed finish.
I've got a couple of new things started, which I'll post another day, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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