Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A big step forward

Eight weeks ago this coming weekend, we went to visit my mum and dad for an overnight stay, and when we got home, the ballcock in the bathroom toilet had broken and the house had flooded. A whole months worth of water had poured through the house in a little over 24 hours! Some had gone through the overflow pipe, but this had also broken due to the force of the water!A couple of you out there in blogland knew about this domestic disaster, but rather than bore you all with it in an everlasting saga I decided not to go on about it, but it's the reason why I didn't post for several weeks. We lost almost every carpet in the house, but were lucky in that very few personal possessions were damaged; just a few books and magazines that were left on the floor, food in the freezer that had turned off when the electricity supply tripped, dining chairs. In fact, the most annoying thing was I'd just bought the new Rowan magazine and that was ruined! It took over 6 weeks for the place to dry out properly, with industrial de-humidifiers running 24/7. And tomorrow we're taking a big step forward to having our home back - the first lot of builders are arriving to put us back together. The ceilings need replacing in both the living room and kitchen/diner, all the skirting boards have to come off, and the bathroom floor has to be taken up and replaced - we hope this is what will be started in the morning. After that, another 2-3 weeks work before we're redecorated, then recarpeted. Wish me luck, I think I might need it!

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Rosie said...

Nightmare! How totally horrid for you. Fingers crossed that everything will go well from now on.(And I can see that I'll be spending my next day off removing all the detritus strewn across the floors of our house, just in case).