Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Things are looking up!

All the dirty work has been done and our house is gradually being put back together. We had builders in all last week - I've never got through so many packets of biscuits and teabags - and all the flood repair work has been done. Next week, it's the turn of the decorators. Everything is covered in a layer of concrete and plaster dust which reappears as fast as I try to get rid of it, all cupboards have had to be emptied and cleaned, and I'm desperate to get some carpet back on the floor!
Knitting has been slow I'm afraid. I haven't really felt like doing much but I've taken a photo of my 2 wips - the completed back of the Medallion sweater and the beginnings of the Eyelet dress, both from Vogue spring/summer 2008.

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