Thursday, 7 January 2010

A bit more Oz

We saw so many amazing things while we were in Australia that it'd be impossible to show photos of everything. Between us, Mr.Diviknitty and I took about 1500 pictures so I'll try to show some of our favourite places and also capture the great diversity of the place.
Still in Western Australia and travelling north is Ningaloo reef, not as large as the Great Barrier reef over on the east coast, but easily accessible from the beach at Coral Bay. A short ride out in a glass bottomed boat is all it takes, but if you look closely you can see the coral just a few metres out. This was a picture postcard bay of white sand and turquoise sea; we went snorkelling on the reef, working on the assumption that they didn't feed tourists to the sharks so it was safe to swim! I'd never been snorkelling before and I admit to being terrified at first - I couldn't get the hang of breathing through the snorkel at first, but what an experience once I'd mastered it! Such beautiful, colourful fish swimming all around us, and nothing with sharp teeth!

In contrast, this is Limestone Lookout - can you believe the vast nothingness beyond the horizon in every direction? And it was hot - a dry searing heat that you could feel sucking all the moisture out of you.

To finish, photos of two very different rivers - the Murchison looking how a river should look (except for the flies, which were many and very annoying!)and the dry bed of the Gascoyne. Not a drop of water in sight - that's us, only a few metres from the bank, so you can see how big it is - but can you imagine it actually fills up when there's rain in the tropics?!

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