Sunday, 6 May 2007

Stash Enhancer

Yesterday we went to the Sandringham craft fair and I found this gorgeous mohair. It almost passed me by - on the stall were various odds and ends that I managed to resist; I even got as far as the wood carver on the next stall, where my other half made the fatal mistake of chatting to this wonderful man about his hat!

Unfortunately, I hadn't moved far enough away and the yarn stall beckoned. I couldn't resist one last peek, and then I saw it - a rail full of skeins that I'd somehow walked right past! You know how it is; I could hear this beautiful yarn calling me back - how could I resist? I was hooked, and came away with what you see above. Not sure what to knit yet; there's 25g of each shade and they tone really well, although the photo doesn't do it justice. I think it'll probably end up as a scarf or stole. Unfortunately, there isn't a web address on the leaflet I got from the spinner, but she's called Victoria Smedley and the company is called MoBair.
For now, I'm content just to look at it and stroke it!

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Rosie said...

What luscious looking yarn! I think that yoy should fix a couple of cup hooks to the wall, run a length of curtain pole bewteen them and use that for displaying skeins of delight...