Friday, 12 October 2007

I really love..

....that Friday afternoon feeling with the whole weekend ahead. I finish work at lunch time on a Friday and even if I spend the afternoon catching up on housework, there's the satisfaction of knowing that the next two whole days are yours to do with what you please (generally!)
I also love this sweater front that Mr.Diviknitty very kindly photographed for me whilst it was blocking. He's supposed to be a good photographer, but he somehow managed to take this from a very odd angle so it looks a little mis-shapen. I wanted to try and finish the whole thing by next weekend for a planned trip to York, but this week's been crazy busy so I can't see it happening unless I get to knit all day tomorrow and Sunday, and I can't see that happening either! The back will be plain stocking stitch and the sleeves will have a single central panel of butterflies and be 3/4 length, with hopefully enough yarn for a polo neck.
I'm also pretty pleased that there are now officially more people behind me (10,000) than ahead of me (4000) in the Ravelry queue with something like 60% of the list invited. They seem to be getting through the list at the rate of a couple of hundred a day, so I could be there by the end of the month.


Rosie said...

How's that Ravelry queue going? And the jumper?

jayne said...

I'm on, Rosie, just haven't had to time to blog, take photos, post etc etc. Hopefully this weekend I'll get something done - Clive's out tomorrow morning so the computer's mine, all mine! And I managed to finish the jumper in time for the weekend in York - it's currently languishing in the laundry basket!