Sunday, 7 October 2007

Ripping back

I was getting a little concerned about the alternating butterflies sweater front - it seemed that the lifted stitches were distorting the shape of the entire piece but I kept going in the hope that it was my over active imagination. However, facts had to be faced and eventually I had to rip it back. By now, I'm back to where I was and with the addition of a few strategically placed short rows, the problem is no more. Satisfaction! Sometimes you just have to take a few steps back in order to make progress! I also re-knit the rib on one size larger needles; and it hasn't taken that long, really.
Sorry about the lack of pictures - my camera's been commandeered for a few days holiday in Belfast by daughter n°1. I promise a photo of the finished front while it's blocking, which I'm hoping won't be too long.

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Rosie said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this! It does pay to frog sometimes, but my husband is always horrified when I rip back.